The Interpretation of Chinese Traditional Aesthetics in Art Appreciation Class

Qi Liu


The main value of art appreciation class allows students to feel, imagine, analyze and experience art works as a whole
through their own vision and ideological culture, and use appreciation and observation to help students deeply understand art
works and effectively improve students’ aesthetic ability and appreciation. level. At the same time, the educational significance of
the art appreciation course greatly improves the art appreciation level of college students, guides students to have a strong interest
in art works, and enhances students’ comprehensive comprehensive quality and aesthetic appreciation ability. Therefore, this paper
combines traditional Chinese aesthetics to enhance students’ ability to appreciate Chinese paintings as a teaching method, comprehensively interprets the meaning of art appreciation class, and reflects the traditional aesthetic culture thought of art appreciation
teaching in colleges of fine arts as a whole, focusing on cultivating art students’ aesthetic ability and concept, improve students’
art appreciation level.


Traditional Chinese Aesthetics; Art Appreciation Class; Interpretation

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["[1] Zhang Qi. The Interpretation of Chinese Traditional Aesthetics in Art Appreciation Course[J].Journal of Jilin Provincial Institute of Education,2020,36(01):129-132.","[2] Xu Duan. Research on the teaching design of the theme of u201cArtistic Conceptionu201d in the appreciation of Chinese painting in high school based on core literacy [D]. Huanggang Normal University, 2020."]

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2843


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