Research and Practice of College English Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Curriculum Ideology and Politics

Jie Diao


With the development of society, the ideological education of our country has been paid more and more attention. College
English teaching reform has also entered people’s sight, and the related reform has been gradually implemented. College English
education needs to pay attention to the mastery of students’ theoretical knowledge, improve students’ practical comprehensive
ability and pay attention to the development of students’ moral cultivation. This is the inevitable demand of the development of the
new era. Only by conforming to this trend can we cultivate the constructive talents needed by socialism. School as the main base
of English education, more should clear the important role of college English to cultivate talents, strengthen their consciousness
of education, actively seeking a new English teaching method, speeding up the reform of college English mode upgrade, with
new ideas provide students with broad vision, constantly seeking breakthroughs and innovation on education level, To effectively
improve the level of English education. This paper analyzes the current situation and development of English reform from the
perspective of grasping the problems and overall management, so as to provide reference for the relevant people to exchange.


Ideology and politics; College English; The teaching reform

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i2.2293


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