Analysis on Singing Methods and Techniques of National Vocal Music

Dan Liu


Music is magical, it can cross race and language to bring people communication and feelings. Whether popular, ethnic, jazz and so on, it has a unique charm. With the change and development of the times, music skills and methods have attracted wide attention. With the progress of people’s life and the improvement of their thoughts, people’s requirements for music are becoming more and more strict and more important. In recent years, the national vocal music of our country has been widely known and understood, and its singing method has also been innovated and developed, especially the singing skills have been obviously broken through and improved. The singing of national vocal music not only gives abundant emotion, but also focuses on keeping up with the trend of the development of the times. It not only improves its singing skills, but also changes its singing methods. How
to improve the singing methods and skills, how to provide more practical experience for relevant personnel, this paper discusses and analyzes this.


National vocal music; Singing methods; Singing skills

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v9i5.2028


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