Research on the Synergistic Development System Construction of “Sports+Ideology and Politics” Under the Background of Times

Zile Fan


Ideological and political course is the key course of the fundamental task of moral education.To run the ideological and political course well,it is necessary to promote the integration construction of ideological and political course,and promote the connotation development of the construction of ideological and political course.Thus it can be seen that strengthening the construction of”curriculum ideological and political”has become the general trend of The Times.As an important component of the curriculum system of colleges and universities,physical education curriculum should be integrated with ideological and political elements andconnotations,especially in the new era,to promote the synergistic effect of”physical education ideological and political education”and cultivate outstanding talents.Therefore,this paper studies the system construction of ”sports ideological and political”coordinated development under the new era background,and puts forward the strategy of”sports ideological and
political”coordinated development under the new era background,so as to give full play to the all-round education function of college physical education courses.


New era background; “Sports+Ideology and Politics”Coordinated Development; System building

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v9i5.2022


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