The Writing of Women’s Awakening Consciousness from the Perspective of Gender Criticism—Take the TV Series “The Little Nyonya” as an Example

Shumei Jing


Women’s liberation has always been the focus of gender criticism. Television “The Little Nyonya” from the feminist perspective, with hybrid living space in the form of Baba culture as the background, shaped the survival during the Anti-Japanese War in under cover of male supremacy, especially in the feudal etiquette, social circles to days of Tianlan, Juxiang, and Yueniang has represented the typical female characters, depicting the intelligence and qualities of Nyonya, shows them from swallowing the defense, active resistance to victory break free of this growth process into confusion, explore, growth, struggle and sacrifice. As a hymn reflecting women’s strength, courage, independence and confidence, “The Little Nyonya” has certain enlightening significance for the audience, especially the female audience, to think about their own life choices and pursuits.


Gender Criticism; “The Little Nyonya”; Women’s Cognitive; Feminism; Female Awareness

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v9i3.1601


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