The Benefits of Music for Children with Autism

Xi Gu


With the development of medicine, people are more and more aware of the status quo of autistic children. At the same time, more people are concerned about how to help autistic children to establish their social ties, so as to make them have a better life. In recent years, some researches have found that music has generally become a tool for autistic children to communicate with society. Therefore, this paper attempts to emphasize and study how music treats autism from the perspective of music expression and music learning. And then provide reference for more music education attempts.


Findings from Past Researches; Benefits to Social Interaction/Verbal Skills and Speech/Gross and Fine Motor Skills/ Brain Development; Future Imagine

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[1] Applebaum, E., Egel, A. L., Koegel, R. L., & Imhoff, B. (1979). Measuring musical abilities of autistic children. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 9(3), 279–285.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v9i3.1591


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