The Factors Affecting GDP Growth

Long Ding, Fangping Hou, Xiao Zhang, Guolong Li, Shuo Wang, Weizheng Sun


This paper discusses the factors affecting GDP growth. By processing the data related to GDP, this paper uses AHP method, BP neural network, SVR method and economic policy correction model to quantitatively analyze the impact of different candidate countries on the U.S. economy and China’s economy. Combined with political, economic, social, environmental and other factors, referring to the national policy, the index system is obtained. The judgment matrix is constructed by AHP, and the more important one is extracted as the main index. Then the evaluation is carried out by using neural network. Firstly, the index is combined with the existing GDP standard system, and then network training and simulation are carried out. After substituting the data, we get and analyze the interaction between the indicators of each factor, and determine the positive correlation and negative correlation between the factors in the schematic diagram. As for the influence of policy factors, GDP is indirectly affected through tangible influence.


AHP; BP Neural Network; SVR; Economic Policy

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v9i3.1577


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