Talking about the Employee Performance Appraisal System

Honglue Zhao, Xiaoying Xu, Liqun Jia


With the development of economic globalization and integration, enterprises should survive and develop in the fierce market competition environment, need to enhance their own competitive ability, and human resources is the fundamental and key of enterprise competitiveness. In order to achieve the objectives of enterprise organization, we need to establish a sound performance appraisal system for employees and departments, and with effective incentive mechanism to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff and create potential to continuously improve the performance level. The traditional staff performance appraisal method cannot meet the needs of modern enterprises, the establishment of a basic sound, with enterprise characteristics, to a full range of staff performance appraisal method as the core of the performance management system, from different levels of personnel to collect evaluation information, multi-angle, the whole perspective of the staff to conduct a comprehensive performance appraisal, comprehensively enhance the level of human resources management. This paper mainly elaborates how the enterprises implement the performance appraisal, the performance to achieve the effect and properly handle the enterprise and the staff assessment and assessment of the relationship between the performance appraisal for the enterprise staff put forward some ideas and suggestions.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/hrms.v1i1.658


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