How to study Chinese language and literature under the thought of post-modern education

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as society progresses , Gradual increase in economic level , Our society has gradually entered the era of pluralistic thinking , People's ideas are changing. ,where the The Next generation of educational ideas is most obvious , for their educational ideas , concept , Way, and so on, has changed a lot. # current , in various modern educational trends , after My educational thoughts as a new , system's , Scientific teaching Pan wants to get extensive attention , and actively applied in the education process . Postmodern education ideas to the inlet Language literature teaching has a greater impact , This article analyzes the general situation of post-modern educational thought , and expounds the unique literary advantages of the braided language literature , also details Introducing the teaching of Chinese language and literature under the postmodern educational theory .


Postmodern education idea ; Inlet language literature ; Teaching

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v2i1.332


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