Analysis on the Application of Folk Art Modeling Language in Current Product Design

Xiao Liu


Folk art modeling language is the second creation of the existing things, with unique style characteristics, influenced
by culture, thought and environment and many other factors, with diversified characteristics. In fact, China’s folk art modeling
language is more inclined to the internal expression of things, so it can be effectively applied to the current product design, and
get a new practical effect. Based on this, the article first introduces the basic types of folk art modeling language, and then focuses
on the application strategy of art modeling language in the three fields of clothing, packaging and animation design, in order to
provide reference for relevant practitioners.


Folk art modeling language; Product design; Using the strategy

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["[1] Han Xiaolong. Practical application of Ethnic and Folk art Language in Modern Art Teaching [J]. Journal of Jiamusi Vocational College, 2018, 189(08):237+239.","[2] DENG Zhe. Analysis on the Application of Folk Art Modeling Language in Modern Art Design [J]. Tomorrow Style, 2018(14):1.","[3] LI Ying. Research on the Application form of Folk Art in Artistic Design creation -- Taking Siping Area of Jilin Province as an example [J]. Fine Arts Education Research, 2020(7):2."]

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2888


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