On the Influence of Symbolism Literature “Others” on Symbolism Art

Jia Wu


Art History is generally believed that modernist art hopes to discard the “crutches of literature” seeking independence.
But can I really be independent? This thesis takes a symbolic art and symbolism literature as an example, discusses how symbolism
literature affects symbolism art. Any art development, artist and artistic self-discipline joint impact. The symbolism first is a
literary movement, which will gradually expand into music and art. Understand the development of symbolism literature and the
impact of symbolic art, it can prove that modernist art wants to discard the “literary cane” [1]and independent is not established.
The first part discusses the development of symbolism literature. Symbolism and romanticism, the realism is three basic creation
aesthetics with prototyping in literary history. The symbolism literature originated from the French in the middle of the 19th
century, and in the early 20th century and a literary genre in European and American countries.[2]Symbolism literature is divided
into two periods before and after. In the early stage, Budlaire, Lesley, France, France, Rilke, Austria, is representative. The music
field is representative of German composer Wagner. Podlais published in 1852 was considered to be the first poem of symbolism.
The poet Morias published “Symbolism Declaration” in the “Ferro”. The second part discusses the influence of symbolism art
from symbolic literature. The symbolism theory has been supported by literatist. Symbolism art originated in the end of the
19th century, some of the European intellectuals were dissatisfied with industrial civilization and official salon culture. They
automatically become spokespersons, using symbols and meaningful methods, in the fantasy distinctive world, Express your
own wish. Representative painter: Moro, Sumanner, Leadong. The third part discusses the symbolism art that cannot leave the
“literary crutches” independent. Art has “Art Self-discipline” and “Art Tail”, art has its own development law, independence
and self-discipline, but it is not overlooked in other material morphology and ideology, and cannot be extremely pursued by art
independence. The impact of other beauty and influence.


Symbolism art; Symbolism literary impact

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2879


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