Research on the Connotation and Implementation Strategy of Major Construction Standards in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xinxin Li, Hongliang Lin


As the basis for the diagnosis and improvement of professional construction in higher vocational colleges, the professional construction standard can judge the degree of the process of professional construction and management in line with the
standards and norms, and the performance of the results of professional construction and management. By discussing the connotation and significance of professional construction standards, this paper explores the strategies to promote the implementation of
professional construction standards, that is, learning and publicity, understanding in place; Improve the system and form a system;
Platform support, process trace and cultural construction, advocating quality, and laying the foundation for professional construction, diagnosis and improvement.


Higher vocational colleges;Professional construction; Construction standards;Implementation strategy

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["[1] Chen Shougen. Construction elements of higher vocational majors and their quality standards [J]. Vocational Education Forum, 2012 (12): 56-59.","[2] Zhou Jun. Research on the Diagnosis and Improvement of Teaching Work in Vocational Colleges Based on Quality Improvement [J]. Vocational and Technical Education in China, 2015 (26): 35- -38."]

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2873


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