Record of Creative Experience of Chinese Landscape Painting

Jia Wu


Landscape painting is an artist’s sublimation and presentation in life and ideas. Since ancient times, its creation has
different styles in different times, but the painting language and standards of art are inseparable from its origin. At the beginning
of learning landscape painting creation, the author first understands the development process of Chinese landscape painting, then
learns the requirements and standards of landscape painting creation, and finally the author personally creates landscape painting.
The standard is about the six Dharma theory of Sheikh of Southern Qi Dynasty, which says that the charm is vivid, the bone technique is written with a pen, the object is pictographic, the color is given according to the class, the business position, displacement
and imitation. In the process of landscape painting creation, the author has a new understanding of Sheikh’s six dharmas, and has
a new concept of landscape painting creation in the future. This paper is divided into three parts to record and think about the author’s experience in landscape painting creation. The first part makes an academic research on the historical development process
of Chinese landscape painting. The second part is the record of the author’s landscape painting creation process and the guidance
of Sheikh’s six dharmas in my creation. The third part is some reflection and criticism of the author’s landscape painting creation.


Landscape;Painting creation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2871


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