A Study on the Reform and Innovation of Classroom Teaching Mode in Private Colleges -- A Case Study of Comprehensive Modeling Design Course

Haijun Yan


Art design major is a very important part in the discipline system of private universities in China. Based on the
continuous development of social economy, the art design major is getting more and more attention in all walks of life. Nowadays,
the rapid development of social and economic market has put forward higher and more comprehensive requirements for art design
professionals in private colleges and universities. The traditional art design education in private colleges can no longer meet the
increasing demand of art design students for professional knowledge and skills. Therefore, private colleges and universities should
combine with the needs of the current market environment, and the development of art design students needs the innovation and
reform of teaching mode and teaching methods. This paper analyzes the non-governmental university art design professional
teaching present situation, the problems existing in the non-governmental university art design professional teaching and the main
cause of the private colleges of art design teaching method reform and innovation, and comprehensive design curriculum teaching
in our school, classroom teaching mode to points combined with a comprehensive design course, It provides some references for
the education and teaching of art design specialty in private colleges and universities in China.


Private colleges; Teaching reform; Comprehensive modeling design

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2870


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