Exploring the Application of CDIO Concept in Computer Introduction Teaching

Weifang Zhai


In computer science education, computer introduction, as one of the major professional entry courses, and its main
teaching goal is to help computer major students to better understand and get familiar with the professional knowledge that
they need to learn effectively.This paper mainly analyzes some problems existing in the current computer introduction teaching,
discusses the strategies and methods of applying the CDIO concept in the computer introduction teaching, and brings some
reference to the relevant teachers.


CDIO concept; Introduction to computer theory; Teaching philosophy

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["[1] Guo Wei.Reconstruction and measurement of software engineering professional curriculum system [J].Experimental Science and Technology, 2015,13 (2): 169-172.","[2] Yao Xudong.The Computer Introduction Curriculum Teaching Reform Based on the CDIO Model [J].Technology wind, 2015 (5): 216-216."]

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2865


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