Reflections on the Ideological and Political Education and Management Mode of Universities under the Background of Media Integration

Jun Li


There have been some problems in the ideological and political education model of universities in our country for a
long time, which seriously affect the effect of ideological and political education. Media integration accelerates the dissemination
of information, and brings greater challenges to ideological and political education and management of universities, and the
communication between teachers and students is also strengthened. Teachers universities should make full use of these advantages,
innovate ideological and political education methods, build an intelligent big data collaboration model, strengthen student


Ideological and political education; Media integration; Internet

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["[1] Cui Hong, Liu Juan. Research on the development and innovation of ideological and political education in universities under the background of new media [J]. Journal of Heilongjiang Institute of Technology: Comprehensive Edition, 2021, 21(8):5.","[2] Lin Jie, Bi Hongdong. Reflections on building a network position for ideological and political work in universities from the perspective of media integration [J]. Journal of Guangxi Youth Cadre College, 2020, 30(4):4."]

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2859


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