Research on the Ways of Cultivating Students’ Interactive Consciousness in College Tennis Teaching

Zhen Wang


With the implementation of the new curriculum reform, colleges and universities have more and more stringent requirements for students in sports, especially tennis teaching in Colleges and universities. In order to further improve the classroom efficiency of college tennis teaching and comply with the current teaching concept of colleges and universities, cultivating
students’ interactive consciousness in college tennis teaching has become the focus of the current work. By cultivating interactive
consciousness, we can enhance students’ comprehensive quality and ability to a certain extent and ensure that students’ ability in all
aspects can be improved. On this basis, this article makes an in-depth study on how to cultivate students’ interactive consciousness
in college tennis teaching, and is committed to exploring ways to solve this problem, so as to significantly improve the teaching
level of college tennis, broaden students’ development in the field of tennis, and help students build a complete tennis knowledge
system, So as to speed up the reform of tennis teaching in Colleges and universities.


College tennis teaching; Interactive consciousness; Cultivation Approach

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["[1] Li Yunjie Research on the application of multidimensional teaching in College Tennis Elective Courses under the intervention of Internet [D] Wuhan Institute of physical education, 2021.","[2] Liu Qiao Effective application of Microteaching Method in college tennis teaching and training [J] Journal of Jiamusi vocational college, 2020,36 (11): 181-183."]

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2855


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