Impact of Network Marketing on Knitting Brands Based on the Stimulus-Organism-Response Framework in Sichuan of China

Zhongxi Zheng


This paper introduced the live broadcast form of anchor products, studied the influence mechanism of live broadcast
interactive marketing of knitting brands on consumers’ purchase intention, and provided marketing suggestions for merchants to
conduct live broadcast interaction. Through literature research, market research, and online survey, this paper constructed the research model of marketing impact model for knitting brands based on the S-O-R model. Six influencing variables of attractiveness,
trustworthiness, purchase convenience, expertise with the elements of stimuli, and perceived enjoyment and usefulness with the
aspect of an organism were set to test the relationship between impulsive purchase with the element of the response.


Network Marketing; Knitting Brands; Stimulus-Organism-Response

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2833


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