Research on the Integration of Teaching Resources Construction Under the Background of Educational Informationization -- Taking the Course of Architectural Engineering Metering and Valuation as an Example

Li Wang


The integration of teaching resources under the network environment breaks through the limitation of traditional
teaching resources in a certain area and realizes more sharing and integration of teaching resources through the network platform.
The integration and development of the course resources of architectural engineering metering and valuation in colleges and
universities can not only enrich the content of classroom teaching, but also improve the quality of classroom teaching by means of
a large number of excellent teaching resources, students can also provide a wealth of extra-curricular learning resources, students
can use extra-curricular time for self-study, to develop the spirit of self-exploration and self-learning ability of students. At present,
the integration and development of course resources of architectural engineering metering and valuation is the key work to ensure
the healthy development of education and the sustainable development of higher education.


Information; Teaching resources; Integration; Construction; Engineering

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