A Journalistic Professionalism Trial in Short Video Platform: The Case of Pear Video

Fengting Hu


With the continuous change of media ecology, online short video has risen rapidly and formed an explosive trend
since 2016. Taking Pear Video as a case to study, it is constantly transforming and seeking new development opportunities in the
exploration of the industries. This case study conducts comprehensive research on it through the research methods of interview
and content analysis. Through the research, it is found that the practical cognition of Pear Video and the judgment of news value
among practitioners tend to be self-evaluation, while the lack of news elements and the incline of news themes is corresponding to
the short video content. Although it seems that the decline of the Pear Video is a failed trial of the integration between the news and
short videos, this pioneering media innovation case still has its essential reference and implications for Chinese media research.


Pear Video; Journalistic professionalism; Short video platform; News practice

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2788


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