Final Project: Religious Holiday Celebration in the U.S. Public High Schools

Ziyu Mo, Dr. White


In U.S. public high schools, religious holidays that have vacation are mostly Christian holidays. Non-Christian holidays
or holidays that are celebrated in other cultures or religions are not given days off in public schools. As a result, students and parents
from other cultures or religions often face a dilemma between celebrating holidays from their own culture while missing school
and skipping religious holidays while attending school. If students choose to celebrate holidays that are not given vacations, they
often need to skip school for. Furthermore, absences yielded from celebrating non-Christian holidays are unexcused, which puts
more pressure on students who want to celebrate important holidays from their cultures while not missing schoolwork. In this
article, one case study is provided and this ethical dilemma will be analyzed by using the ethical decision making model name
Solutions To Ethical Problems in Schools (STEPS).


Religious Holidays Celebration; Public High Schools in the U.S.; Ethical decision making model; Solutions To Ethical Problems in Schools (STEPS)

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["[1] Stone, C. B. (2017). Ethics and law: School counseling principles[M]. American School Counselor Association. CCPJ 4560.03: Professional Issues and ethics in School Counseling"]

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i6.2785


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