The Construction of Comprehensive Measurement Model for the Development Potential of Research Practice Education Base

Jie Du, Leijie Gong, Xin Weng, Yuanjun Ma


With the rapid development of research and study travel,the demand for research and study practical education bases
and the requirements for their quality are also expanding and improving.To fill the blank in the research of evaluation studies the
development of education bases and avoid studies blind in the process of practice education base to create the phenomenon such
as reporting,quality the good and bad are intermingled,many elements of regional development at home and abroad,this paper,and
study the multi-index comprehensive measure,from the resource(R),marketing(M),security(S),environment(E)four dimensions
selected 20 indicators,Combined with the AHP analytic hierarchy process to determine the weight,the fuzzy comprehensive
evaluation method to quantitatively assign the value index,constructed the polygon method and weighted average sum method of
comprehensive measurement of the development potential of research practice education base,and Lanxi as a case of empirical
research on the comprehensive measurement of the development potential of research practice education base.Results show
that the constructed studies practice education base and development potential of comprehensive measure evaluation model can
better reflect the base of the studies traveling development potential,and is the base of the research study practice education base
development provides a certain theoretical foundation and the basis,to studies the practice education base case area and even the
whole country development has exemplary role and promote the creation of meaning.


Research practice education base; Comprehensive measure; Polygon method; Weighted summation method; Jinhua lanxi

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i2.2343


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