Discussion on the Application of British-American Culture in Export Food Packaging

Xiaoyi Qin


British-American culture is one of the mainstream cultures in the world. Applying British-American culture to
the export packaging design of food products helps bring new consumption experience to people around the world. BritishAmerican culture can serve as a window connecting food producers and consumers and realize emotional interaction
through culture. The consumer group of export food is mainly overseas customers, reflecting the cultural characteristics
of British and American culture in food packaging, which can not only enhance the novelty of cultural creativity, but also
attract the attention of customers and establish the selling points and style of products.Due to the differences of domestic
and foreign culture, the culture and local culture of China. In the export food packaging design, we need to combine the
characteristics of American culture with food, express creative body structure, graphics and color elements, so that overseas
consumers can resonate with the cultural artistic conception of food packaging, and thus improve consumers ‘ acceptance
of food.


Export food; Food packaging; British-American culture; Cultural exchange

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i2.2323


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