Warm and Realistic, Romantic Yet Cruel ——On the Master of Cinema Giuseppe Tornatore

Yuxin Ouyang


The famous director Giuseppe Tornatore was born in beautiful Sicily, Italy, and has a high reputation among international
film directors as the inheritor of Italian neorealism. His Time Trilogy is the foundation of his position in the film industry, Cinema
Paradiso, The Beautiful Legend of Sicily, and The Legend of 1900, all of which have a strong romantic style. With his warm and
realistic approach, Tonatore’s romantic yet cruel stories have touched countless audiences. In a sense, every work of a writer or a
director has autobiographical overtones in it. Many of his works are strongly biographical, and the documentary style in his films
is his way of asserting himself. This article will take his films as an entry point to explore the artistic approach and ideological
qualities of Tonatore’s cinema.


TonatoreTime Trilogy; Italian neorealism romanticism

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