Research on the Development Trend of Management Accounting in the Big Data Environment

Yushan Xie


Today, my country has entered the era of big data. In this context, my country’s management accounting has ushered
in a new development opportunity. In the past, the development of accounting in my country was relatively backward, and it
was not enough to support relevant staff to use comprehensive and objective information to improve and optimize management
accounting. Nowadays, the development of big data enables relevant staff to obtain required information and relevant financial data
through information technology and big data resources, and improve the work efficiency of relevant staff in solving management
accounting problems.


Big data environment; Management accounting; Development trend

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[1] Chen Lan. Exploring the development trend of enterprise management accounting under the big data environment[J]. Rural Economy and Technology, 2020, 486(10):165-166.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i2.2276


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