Statistics and Analysis of Similar Figures Questions in Zhejiang Senior High School Entrance Examination in Recent Five Years—— From the Perspective of Core Literacy

Jie Xiang


Based on the perspective of core literacy, this paper makes a statistical analysis of the similar figures test questions in
the eight high school entrance examinations in Zhejiang Province in recent five years, and analyzes the comprehensive difficulty of
each year’s test questions from five dimensions of cognitive level, background, operation, reasoning and knowledge content with
the help of comprehensive difficulty model. The results show that: the core literacy of the similarity test mainly includes logical
reasoning, intuitive imagination and mathematical operation; Background comprehensive difficulty is lower than the other four
dimensions, and the difficulty of the five dimensions is unbalanced, but the overall difficulty of the similar figure test is larger.
Based on this finding, this paper analyzes the reasons for the difficulty of the test from the perspective of core literacy, and finally
puts forward teaching strategies to help the development and improvement of students’ core literacy.


Similar Figures; Core Literacy; Zhejiang High School Entrance Examination; Statistical Analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v10i2.2253


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