Study on the Development Path of Campus Folk Sports from the Perspective of Inheriting Traditional Culture

Yichen Pei, Xin Weng, Tianwei Zhong, Wenhui Cheng, Ruixi Ye, Leijie Gong


Campus folk sports is an important part of traditional national culture, throughout the current sports power concept, current situation of sports industry development, inheriting and developing folk sports are very important measures, can make our country folk sports in campus education career, not to be eliminated in the folk culture in the new era.Based on this, it is necessary
to make use of the advantages of campus education to carry out the professional courses of campus folk sports, so as to explore the development path of campus folk sports in the new era, and promote the inheritance of China’s excellent traditional culture.This paper focuses on the view of inheriting traditional culture to discuss the value and role of the development of campus folk sports,
and explore new methods and paths to promote the modernization of campus folk sports in China, and finally achieve the strategic goal of sports power.


Inheritance; Traditional culture; The campus; Folk sports

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v9i5.2099


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