The Present Situation and Prospect of the Use of the NWCA in Middle School Teaching

Jie Xiang


In order to explore the use of the NWCA(the notebook with wrong and corrected answers) in middle school teaching, this paper uses the method of literature research to study the attitude, method, effect and Prospect of the use of the NWCA of middle school students and teachers in Shanghai and Nanchong since 2009.The research found that most students have a positive attitude towards the NWCA, and teachers of different disciplines think that the NWCA is effective, but the way teachers and students use the NWCA still needs to be improved; the effect of using the NWCA is significant. In China, the research on the
NWCA in middle school teaching is biased to mathematics, physics and other disciplines, lacking theoretical support. The research methods are mainly questionnaire survey, interview and observation, and there are few experimental research methods. Future research should focus on theory-based, multi-disciplinary research, the use of experimental methods to explore the effect and improvement measures.


NWCA; Middle School Teaching; Literature Research Method

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v9i5.2093


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