Discussion on the Application of Chinese Films in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

  • Yanan Li DaLian Maritime University
Keywords: Chinese film, Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Used to investigate


In recent years, with the further acceleration of China’s economic development speed, as well as the further deepening of the degree of openness, and the exchange and contact between countries is more and more frequent, in the international political influence is also more and more big, and this for the spread of Chinese also played an important role in promoting. More people are learning Chinese. Chinese began to become a language with the largest number of learners after English, which continuously expanded the scale of Chinese teaching. However, Chinese learning is quite difficult, so foreign teachers of Chinese should strengthen the research of teaching methods in the process of teaching, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of Chinese teaching. This article focuses on the application of Chinese films in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. First, it discusses the significance of introducing Chinese films into teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and then it elaborates the specific application strategies for the reference of relevant units and personnel.


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