Current Situation Analysis and Countermeasures of Kindergarten on the Problem of Connecting Between Kindergarten and Primary School

  • Shudan Ge Xi'an FANYI University
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Keywords: Kindergarten;The link between kindergarten and kindergarten;Children’s perspective;Primary School


The transition between kindergarten and primary school is the transition between kindergarten and primary school, which is an effort to make children adapt to the differences between kindergarten and primary school. If the “young convergence” is not in place, it will lead to children’s life, learning, psychological all kinds of bad phenomena. Although our country now also quite pays attention to “the young small link” , but after all is a novice, each party coordination is very not in place, this article passes the contrast between China and the West, emphatically discusses the kindergarten stage about “the young small link” the present situation and the countermeasure. The author believes that the two most important points to do a good job are: First, from the perspective of children; Second, home cooperation. As far as the current situation of the link between kindergarten and Primary School in China is concerned, although the implementation is not very good, the state is constantly improving its policies, and the awareness of kindergartens and parents is also rising.


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