The Influence of Christian Culture on English

Shuting Wu, Shuying Wu, Yiting Lan, Shaoqi Cen, Zhiqun Yi


Cultures and languages are interdependent and evolve through history. As an important element of cultures, languages promote the change and formation of culture, while culture, the soil of breeding languages, has a direct impact on the use and evolution of languages similarly. Since the influence of religious cultures on languages shows in a wide range of aspects in society, which can find proofs in the course of loan words, network buzzwords and abbreviations, the culture-free patterns are nonexistent in the world. People from different cultural backgrounds have religious beliefs which make various discourse communities and accents possible. Therefore, the article attempts to analyze the obvious features of Christianity believed by most foreigners in the West in terms of doctrines, values, customs and conclude the absorption, extension, and evolution of English under the impact of the culture deeply to strengthen the social influence of religious cultures on the use of languages.


Christianity; Religious culture; Relationship of culture and language

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v9i5.2056


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