The Analysis of “ So it goes ” in Slaughterhouse-Five

Chenxiao Wang


This paper mainly focuses on the meanings of “so it goes” in Slaughterhouse-Five, which in order to dig out the different feelings and attitude of Billy behind the “so it goes “, such as his desperation, numbness, sadness, reconciliation, etc,and then comes to the conclusion that the change of emotional attitude of Billy is gradual and procedural. In this paper, it is mainly analyzed “so it goes” in three stages of despair, numbness, and reconciliation, Through my research, readers can learn that the
repeated appearance of this sentence is actually of great significance to the success of Slaughterhouse-Five. And help readers better understand the theme of war, the theme of life and death which reflected in this novel, and inspire readers to love life, love peace and away from war.


So it goes; Slaughterhouse-Five; Desperation; Numbness; Reconciliation

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