Teaching Reform of Finance Major Course Under the Background of Big Data——Take International Finance as an Example

Jingbo Yu, Wenbo Sun


With the deepening of economic and financial globalization and integration, many economic and financial departments need a large number of high-quality application-oriented professionals who are familiar with financial theory and financial practice. Under the background of big data, the universality and comprehensiveness, theoretical and practical, epochal and forwardlooking of financial professional courses are increasingly prominent. These characteristics need rich data, charts to illustrate and demonstrate, must rely on the network and big data platform, in order to achieve good teaching effect. Therefore, in order to achieve the expected teaching objectives, teaching methods must be reformed and various teaching methods and forms should be adopted flexibly in the teaching process of finance major


Teaching method; Reform of big data; Finance

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/l-e.v9i5.2007


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