Vol. 9 No. 2 (2020)

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    Article ID: 804

    Exploration into Improving Teaching Quality of Higher Education

    by Xiaotian Sun, Yueqian Zhou

    Lifelong Education, Vol.9, No.2, pp. 9(2), 27-30; , 2020; 200 Views, 4 PDF Downloads

    With the further advancement of higher education connotation, increasing problems have arisen in the previous quality management methods of higher education, which is unable to meet the development needs of education in new age. To solve these problems, the development model of higher education must transform from previous quality management to quality governance. Therefore, the innovative practice of higher education quality governance needs to focus on directive development idea at the core of teacher-student oriented development. In this way, the joint development system of teachers and students should be improved, thus further enhancing teaching quality of higher education. 

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    Article ID: 813

    Innovative Development of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities at the New Media Environment

    by Yanjiao Li, Mingming Zhang

    Lifelong Education, Vol.9, No.2, pp. 9(2), 31-35; , 2020; 185 Views, 1 PDF Downloads

    The wave of innovation in education reform has been gradually surged in school education, especially the ideological and political courses and ideological and its crucial position in the overall curriculum education, which laid a good psychological foundation of students. For this reason, in the process of carrying out ideological and political teaching, strengthening the innovative development of its teaching can better promote the overall effect of college education. Under this background, this paper explores the innovative development of ideological and political education in colleges and universities at the new media environment, and puts forward effective development strategies.

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    Article ID: 829

    Mechanism of Educational Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Western Developed Countries and Its Adaption for China

    by Xinrui Lyu

    Lifelong Education, Vol.9, No.2, pp. 9(2), 36-40; , 2020; 247 Views, 1 PDF Downloads

    Educational targeted poverty alleviation is beneficial to strengthening the endogenous motive force of poverty alleviation, preventing the return to poverty, and blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty, and consequently many countries have carried out some meaningful exploration. The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and other developed countries have achieved certain improvements in the system construction of educational poverty alleviation, and their experience is worth learning. Based on the author's learning and practical experience, this work first summarized the current situation of educational targeted poverty alleviation in western developed countries. Second, it compared similarities and differences of educational targeted poverty alleviation among western developed countries. At last, it put forward the optimization direction of the targeted poverty alleviation mechanism in China's education,  i.e. , attaching importance to the legislative work on targeted poverty alleviation, establishing priority areas for education, and promoting cross-regional coordination mechanisms for poverty alleviation work.

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    Article ID: 820

    Analysis on the Relationship Between the Media Literacy of Film & Television and the Innovation of Ideological and Political Education of Contemporary College Students

    by Fan Yang

    Lifelong Education, Vol.9, No.2, pp. 9(2), 41-44; , 2020; 267 Views, 10 PDF Downloads

    Ideological and political education has always been playing an important role for the development of socialist ideological education in China, as well as the main means to grasp the social trends of thoughts and influence the construction of their social essential values. Based on the in-depth questionnaire and survey of 1000 college students, the author deeply believes that the college students' current reading habits, mainstream way of information acceptance and the external communication ways in China are characterized by networking, video personalization and some other new features. Nowadays, it is difficult to meet the college students' ideological and political education needs through the single way of traditional classroom education. In view of the changes of information acceptance and exchange of college students, this paper fully understands that the film & television media are strengthening and improving their ideological and political education, and puts forward the relationship between "film & television media literacy" and the innovation of ideological and political education of college students, which makes film and television media resources become new forms and highlights of ideological and political education of college students with positive energy and helps to improve the effect of ideological and political education on their moral education, ethics, art aesthetics and other aspects.

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    Article ID: 821

    On the Development and Conception of Physical Education Reforms in Colleges and Universities

    by Dongbiao Li

    Lifelong Education, Vol.9, No.2, pp. 9(2), 45-48; , 2020; 247 Views, 8 PDF Downloads

    As a medium subject, physical education in colleges and universities not only has high value of physical quality exercise for the students, but also has strong value of humanistic education for ideological education and professional quality education in China, which has been totally ignored in physical education in the past. Nowadays, the requirements for talents and social needs for talents' abilities including professionalism are becoming more and more comprehensive and flexible. Physical education should strengthen its understanding of the educational value of multiple deep-seated educational functions, such as physical culture, ideological and political education and professional qualities. As a bridge, physical education can realize the new educational reform and development of multi-disciplinary joint training with other subjects, thus achieving the development of physical education in the era. The implementation of talent training is the focus and main educational exploration of this paper for the author.

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    Article ID: 822

    Research on the Construction Path of Ideological and Political Education Community

    by Tingting Zhai

    Lifelong Education, Vol.9, No.2, pp. 9(2), 49-52; , 2020; 186 Views, 1 PDF Downloads

    The development of globalization, the frequent communication between different cultures, the increasing awareness of mutual assistance and cooperation, the collision of different cultures and the infiltration of Western ideology have brought challenges to the development of ideological and political education. The necessity and importance of establishing a community have gradually emerged. Based on this, this paper first analyses the elements and interrelations of the value structure of the educational community, then studies the construction strategy of the educational community, and finally gives the construction path of the educational community.