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    Article ID: 2616

    Research on the Host Country's Regulatory Power in the Situation of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak

    by Longge Su

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 1-5; , 2022; 99 Views, 2 PDF Downloads

    In the process of combating the Newcastle pneumonia epidemic, shutdown measures taken by countries may harm the legitimate interests of foreign investors, and when foreign investors use the international investment dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism to arbitrate with the host country, the purpose of international investment agreements (IIAs), which tends to protect the interests of investors, tends to be constantly expanded and used to the neglect of the host country's regulatory power. This is due both to the lack of clarity of certain provisions and to the inherent flaws of the ISDS mechanism. China should actively study the new changes in international investment rules, so that China can more favorably balance the interests of investors and host countries in the process of negotiating international investment agreements, and effectively safeguard the right of national regulation.

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    Article ID: 2775

    Research on the Development Path of Characteristic Agriculture in Yuexi County under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization

    by Yi Ning, Runmeng Xuan, Siyue Wu

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 6-9; , 2022; 53 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    In recent years, the development of characteristic agricultural products industry has become an effective way for Yuexi county to develop the county economy and promote agricultural modernization, and with the rich endowment of ecological agricultural resources, Y uexi county has made initial achievements in characteristic agriculture. This paper summarizes the current situation of the development of characteristic agriculture in Yuexi County and puts forward measures such as accelerating the transformation of advantageous resources, strengthening the brand building, focusing on supporting green brands, increasing the introduction of agricultural talents, carrying out farmers' training, strengthening scientific and technological support, so as to provide reference ideas and suggestions for promoting the development of local characteristic agriculture.

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    Article ID: 2765

    Research on the Effect of Operation of Guangdong Tax WeChat Official Accounts on the Improvement of Taxpayers' Satisfaction

    by Xi Jiao, Zhifeng Li, Yu Lei

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 10-14; , 2022; 71 Views, 2 PDF Downloads

    Tax wechat, to some extent, can narrow the distance between taxpayers and the authorities and strengthen the credibility of the authorities.Due to the uneven quality of government wechat of tax departments at all levels, there are still many problems in the current development of domestic government wechat.These issues affect taxpayer satisfaction.This paper takes guangdong tax WeChat Official Accounts as the research object,, and the status quo of Guangdong tax operations is analyzed in depth.Through questionnaire survey, the satisfaction of taxpayers of Guangdong Tax  WeChat Official Accounts was obtained.. SPSS and other analysis tools were used to carry out relevant analysis, and it was found that the wechat Official Accounts  had some deficiencies in operation, such as unclear positioning, imperfect standards and inadequate interaction.Finally, based on the theoretical knowledge of service marketing and the results of guangdong tax case analysis, some suggestions are put forward on the operation of tax authorities' wechat official accounts, hoping to enrich the theory of tax service and improve the overall satisfaction of taxpayers by improving the operation of tax authorities' wechat official accounts.

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    Article ID: 2770

    "The Belt and Road" Enterprises Should Strengthen Humanistic Care and Psychological Counseling During the Epidemic

    by Hongxing Li

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 15-18; , 2022; 58 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    Under the epidemic, "the Belt and Road" Enterprises should overcome the current difficulties to enhance the quality of enterprises. Strengthening humanistic care and psychological counseling are effective work content. The enterprises must constantly improve the working mechanism, implement management measures, pay attention to the employees’ thought dynamics, regularly screen the employees’ psychology, and strengthen concern care and education guidance in the specific implementation process, in order to enhance corporate cohesiveness.

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    Article ID: 2625

    Research on Brand Marketing Strategy in the New Media Era

    by Shanwei Li

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 19-21; , 2022; 97 Views, 4 PDF Downloads

    As the continuous development of the times, modern information technology has been widely used and gradually becoming part of people’s lives, prompting the constant innovation of China’s enterprises in management. In the new media era, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) get some development opportunities in brand marketing. Based on this, this article first explains the present situation of the marketing of SMEs in the new media era and then studies the brand marketing strategies.

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    Article ID: 2628

    Research on the Impact of Cross-Border E-Commerce on Trade Between China and Mongolia

    by Andong Liu

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 22-25; , 2022; 89 Views, 5 PDF Downloads

    The smooth implementation of the “belt and Road Initiative” has also promoted the development of multinational economy and trade, among which cross-border e-commerce, as an emerging means of transaction, is gradually developing into the preferred way of transaction for all countries. Mongolia is an important partner of China with close relations. The level of cross-border e-commerce and international trade cooperation between the two countries is still lagging that of other countries along the belt and road. Starting from the actual national conditions and economic and trade development foundation of the two countries, this chapter analyzes the impact of cross-border e-commerce development on China-Mongolia international trade cooperation, and provides countermeasures for promoting the development of bilateral cross-border e-commerce.

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    Article ID: 2618

    Research on the Choice and Control Strategy of Pharmaceutical Enterprises' Marketing Channels in the New Media Era

    by Wei Liu

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 26-29; , 2022; 64 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    Today, the development of new media has become the mainstream of the Times, and the relationship between all walks of life and new media is getting closer and closer. In short, more and more businesses and some small and medium-sized enterprises are also actively establishing their own WeChat companies, hoping to expand the influence of corporate communication through new media channels and explore more potential customers. The market is becoming increasingly competitive for a company, especially in the context of China 2025. In order to adapt to the trend of the Times, enterprises must strengthen brand construction. In this context, pharmaceutical enterprises innovate, develop and improve the quality and ability of marketing management has become the focus of its modernization and sustainable development. In view of this, based on the marketing channels of pharmaceutical enterprises, starting from the marketing environment under the background of the new media era, this paper analyzes and draws lessons from the selection and control strategy of the marketing path of pharmaceutical enterprises in China.

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    Article ID: 2654

    Suggestions on the Prevention and Disposal of Non-Performing Assets of China Construction Bank

    by Zixi Ning

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 30-33; , 2022; 90 Views, 5 PDF Downloads

    To effectively solve the problem of non-performing asset management, the Chinese government has adopted a series of major policy measures. However, China's state-owned commercial banks dispose of non-performing assets on a large scale, and the operation methods and management methods for disposing of non-performing assets are relatively simple. These non-performing assets not only seriously reduce the capital anti-risk and risk management capabilities of commercial banks, but also have a certain negative impact on the stable and healthy operation of the national financial system, thus seriously affecting the healthy and stable development of the entire national economy. Therefore, effectively resolving the bank's non-performing assets has become a top priority for state-owned commercial banks.

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    Article ID: 2764

    An Analysis of Direct Sales Business in European Market-A Case Study of Tshi Company

    by Jing Pan, Qindi Zhou

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 34-40; , 2022; 62 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    Direct sales is a business model widely  adopted in the sectors of health products, cosmetics, and etc. Many companies adopting this business model are seeking international growth, and multiple types of barriers could emerge during this process. This paper carries out a classic SWOT analysis to understand the situations faced by a typical direct sales company marketing complementary food with  TCM elements to the European market, in the hope of providing reference for business of similar qualities and other researchers interested in this field.

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    Article ID: 2499

    On the Gaming Behavior of Institutional Investors’ Participation in Corporate Governance

    by Qing Tian

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 41-44; , 2022; 75 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    Following the very rapid development of the real manufacturing economy in China, institutional investors in China have been expand ing rapidly, which is of positive significance for standardizing the financial market and promoting the reform of the market economy and the development of the manufacturing economy. At present, pension funds as well as mutual funds in China take the lead, and investors from various institutions are directing the domestic securities market to implement the institutionalized physical reform of the investment body.  However, much of the current equity of enterprises in China, especially most private enterprises, is held by  controlling shareholders, with less equity held collectively by these institutional investors. Moreover, with the imperfection of our domestic capital management market, institutional investors tend to be even less motivated as well as less concerned about participating in corporate governance. How to promote the governance effectiveness of institutional investors has been the focus of experts and scholars in the development process of enterprises. Therefore, focusing on the gaming perspective, this paper analyzes in depth the factors that affect the governance behavior of institutional investors, and puts forward relevant suggestions based on the above issues, aiming to give full play to the effectiveness of governance of each institutional investor in enterprises.

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    Article ID: 2768

    The Divorce of Ownership from Control and Stakeholders

    by Junyan Xue

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 45-48; , 2022; 78 Views, 2 PDF Downloads

    It is said that within a company, shareholders are after profit making while managers are after their own interests. Also, corporations are said to have stakeholders other than shareholders and managers that are affected by the actions they take, though not owning or employed by them. It will be discussed in this essay that whether the statement is accurate.

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    Article ID: 2778

    Research on the Tax Policy of Cross-Border E-Commerce Company in Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone

    by Lijun Lin, Wei Gong, Wenlong Xing, Ruiying Chen, Hongyu Ye

    Financial Forum, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 11(1), 49-52; , 2022; 93 Views, 7 PDF Downloads

    With the rapid development of China's foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce companies have also emerged successively, and the corresponding tax policies and free trade zones to promote their development have also been rapidly established and improved.In the process of the free trade zone and the development of e-commerce enterprises, the formulation and improvement of tax policies will directly affect the development of the whole free trade zone and cross-border e-commerce industry.Starting with the current tax policies of Fujian Free Trade Zone, this paper analyzes the current tax preferential policies in China, and further improves the current problems of China's tax policies to provide reference for the healthy development of China's cross-border e-commerce.