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    Article ID: 1617

    Can “doing good†lead to “doing well� — A Debate on Socially Responsible Investments

    by Gerui Cao

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 1-8; , 2021; 62 Views, 8 PDF Downloads

    Socially responsible investments have been recognized as practical vehicles to boost global corporation’s brand image. Among different major initiatives, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a “popular” one and it essentially assigns ethical purposes to each investment and measures its societal impact and sustainability to address environmental, social and corporate governance concerns. Similar concepts can be found in the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Nonetheless, what are the actual driving forces behind this emerging movement? Is it a victory for social responsibility advocates of common welfares? Or rather, a new scheme for businesses to attract more investments? This paper aims to decode socially responsible investment mystery by deciphering different actors’ interests, analyze the movement’s financial impacts on corporation, and evaluate their outcome if possible. Essentially, this paper wants to address the question whether “doing good” can lead to “doing well”.

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    Article ID: 2237

    Research on the Employment Promotion Effect of Urban "Night Economy" in the Post-epidemic Period——A Case Study of Bengbu City

    by Jian Song

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 9-12; , 2021; 48 Views, 2 PDF Downloads

    In the post-epidemic period, promoting the recovery of employment and consumption has become a key "factor" driving urban economic development. Based on the model analysis of the questionnaire, the research team believes that the development of the "night economy" has a significant effect on the economic recovery of Bengbu after the epidemic and the employment of the masses, thus providing experience and reference for other cities to develop the "night economy". Theoretical support.

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    Article ID: 1620

    Problems and Countermeasures of financial information disclosure of non-profit organizations in China

    by Qian Ma

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 13-15; , 2021; 53 Views, 1 PDF Downloads

    Non-profit organizations are social organizations aiming at public interest and public service. Information disclosure is helpful to solve the problem of information asymmetry between non-profit organizations and stakeholders, so that stakeholders can make appropriate judgments. In recent years, the situation of information disclosure of non-profit organizations in China has improved, but there are still some problems, such as low usefulness, not timely and so on. In this paper, through the analysis of China's non-profit organization financial information disclosure of low usefulness, not timely and other issues, targeted to improve the countermeasures.

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    Article ID: 1622

    Promotion high-quality economic development during the Forteenth Five-Year Plan period with “dual circulation†strategy and new development policy

    by Yitong Niu, Linqian Jiao

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 16-20; , 2021; 92 Views, 4 PDF Downloads

    The " Forteenth Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter: Forteenth Plan) is an important historical period to realize the great revival of the Chinese, and it is also a very important period of China's economic development. China has encountered many problems during the “dual circulation” strategy and new development policy implementations, and the times are changing with the development of economy and politics. Accoring to the current development situation, China is in an important chaning period of “internal and external” market. At this stage, China should stimulate the market to carry out “dual circulation” strategy and make the market development more comprehensive. At present, quality development is being injected with new ideas and development needs. Accoring to the abroad situation, China will face many obstacles and difficulties, and new international contests will also appear, and the development of international markets will continue to become white-hot, which will also bring difficulties to China's economic development. Therefore, it is very necessary to take the road of “dual circulation” strategy. 

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    Article ID: 1627

    Study on the influence of RMB exchange rate change on the long-term and long-term effects of China's import and export trade

    by Yugan Geng, Jiaming Zhu, Tianye Gu

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 21-27; , 2021; 151 Views, 1 PDF Downloads

    since the Asian financial crisis in 2002, the RMB has appeared in the public view again. At the same time, the change of RMB exchange rate has become a hot topic for scholars to discuss and study.Through the analysis of the basic literature, it is found that most scholars focus on the impact of RMB exchange rate changes on a certain industry. As a result, this paper selects the nominal exchange rate of RMB, the real exchange rate of RMB, the total import and export trade of China and the total import and export demand of China as the research variables to explore the short-term and long-term effects of RMB exchange rate changes on China's commodity import and export trade.

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    Article ID: 1629

    Research on the Factors Influencing the Performance of Chinese Listed Commercial Banks Based on Factor Analysis

    by Lishuan Yan, Jiuyi Yang

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 28-31; , 2021; 61 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    Commercial banks, as a special kind of profit-making enterprise, are the main financial institutions in the development of modern economy. The operation and development of the financial market are closely related to the performance of banks. Based on the financial data of 29 listed commercial banks, this research constructs an evaluation index system for the financial performance of listed commercial banks in my country from the three aspects of profitability, safety and growth, and then uses factor analysis to conduct empirical analysis. Improve risk management capabilities, improve credit mechanisms; strengthen innovation-driven solutions to solve the lack of motivation, explore new financial fields and other related suggestions to improve the financial performance of listed commercial banks in my country.

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    Article ID: 1635

    Design for Defined Contribution Pension Scheme Based on Status Quo Bias

    by Runfei Chen

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 32-36; , 2021; 45 Views, 2 PDF Downloads

    In defined contribution (DC) pension system, people often make unideal decisions because of status quo bias. After analyzing these irrational decisions, this article provides certain applications based on status quo bias theory, which is of great significance to the establishment of DC pension scheme.

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    Article ID: 1636

    How to achieve National Development: Chinese Achievement and State-building

    by HuiJi Wang

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 37-45; , 2021; 40 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    From the great geographical discovery to the formation of the world market, to the industrial revolution bringing mankind into the industrialized society, to the failure of industrialization in most emerging developing countries after World War II, the gap between the rich and the poor between countries has become larger and larger. However, China's economic development has been successful in recent decades. The failure of industrialization in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Eastern European countries and the success of China's economic development show that effective national construction is an important factor to ensure national prosperity and promote national rise. It can effectively explain the speed of China's economic development and contribute Chinese experience to the economic development of other countries in the world.

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    Article ID: 1639

    The Protection and Development of Ancient Town’s Tourist Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Cultural and Tourism Integration——A Case Study of Xitang Ancient Town in Jiangnan Water Town

    by Tiantian Ouyang, Yan Chen, Yue Zhang

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 46-50; , 2021; 196 Views, 10 PDF Downloads

    As a social behavior, tourism has become an indispensable part of people's lives, and tourism forms are becoming more and more diversified. Culture is the charm of tourism resources, and cultural and tourism integration is an important way to realize the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry structure. The ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River has become a favorite tourist destination for many tourists due to its unique geographic location and charming water town. In recent years, it has been in the stage of application for heritage. However, with the development of the tourism industry, the contradiction between the protection of cultural heritage and the development of the tourism industry has gradually emerged. This article takes the ancient town of Xitang, which has a well-developed tourism industry among the ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, as a specific research object, and explores its existing problems. From the perspective of cultural and tourism integration, the protection and development strategy of the ancient town’s tourism and cultural heritage is proposed with a view to the development of the ancient town of Xitang Provide direction and provide reference for the development of tourism in other ancient towns.

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    Article ID: 1640

    The application of derivatives in risk management of Manufacturing SMEs in China

    by Lv Lv

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 51-54; , 2021; 44 Views, 1 PDF Downloads

    As an important risk management tool, derivatives are widely used by enterprises all over the world. However, by combing and studying relevant literature and combining with the actual situation, it can be seen that there are still some problems in the process of risk management in the use of derivatives in China's Manufacturing SMEs, such as imperfect risk management system, single tool selection, excessive hedging or speculation. In order to give full play to the positive role of derivatives, enterprises should improve their internal system, apply financial instruments flexibly and comprehensively, find the appropriate combination of derivatives production and reasonable hedging, so as to promote the stable development of enterprises.

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    Article ID: 1648

    On the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises under the epidemic situation

    by Wei Hu

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 55-58; , 2021; 96 Views, 2 PDF Downloads

    Small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in China's modern economic system. In the severe environment of the epidemic, small and medium-sized enterprises with short life cycle and poor financing ability are facing a huge survival test. In order to survive, small and medium-sized enterprises need to meet challenges, meet national policies, find opportunities in adversity, and overcome difficulties. This paper analyzes the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises under the epidemic situation and the impact on their production and sales, and puts forward their own views on how to survive under the epidemic situation through financing channels and supply and marketing methods.

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    Article ID: 1835

    Countermeasures and Suggestions of the New Cultural Aging Model

    by Yan Chen, Hexiang Zhu, Mengting Cheng

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 59-63; , 2021; 42 Views, 1 PDF Downloads

    With the increase of average life expectancy and aging of our population, the time period of loss of self-care ability of the elderly has been lengthened, thus the issue of elderly care once became a hot issue. Nowadays, the diversification of elderly care models not only meets the material needs of the elderly, but also satisfies the spiritual needs to a certain extent and enriches the life of the elderly. The purpose of this paper is to explore the existing cultural elderly care model, analyze it from four aspects: its research background and significance, concept, model and existing problems, and propose an innovative new elderly care model with feasible suggestions.

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    Article ID: 1832

    Performance Analysis of China's Employment Policy

    by Chen Dong, Junjie Xie, Fengwei Zhang, Shiyao Li

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 64-69; , 2021; 35 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    With the increasing employment rate in China, is the current employment situation as bright as it appears, what is the quality of the occupations these employed people are engaged in, and what is the future of China's employment in the post epidemic era.This paper will focus on the performance of China's employment policy and related issues.

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    Article ID: 1834

    Research on the risk of international trade under the new situation

    by Jingyi Yao

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 70-73; , 2021; 50 Views, 1 PDF Downloads

    This paper mainly introduces the operational risk, exchange rate risk and policy risk faced by China in the process of international trade.First of all, it will explore the characteristics of China's international trade and the reasons for the formation of risks. In order to promote China's foreign trade companies to form an effective risk aversion awareness and effective risk management system in international trade, it puts forward specific measures to avoid risks in international trade.

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    Article ID: 1549

    The Analysis of Qualitative Risk Management Techniques for Investment in China’s New Energy Automobile Industry.

    by Yi Wan

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 74-79; , 2021; 91 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    In recent years, under the national policy support, the new energy automobile industry develops rapidly. This article chooses China's new energy automobile industry as the research object, aiming to study the public's views on new energy automobiles, the challenges faced by China's new energy automobile development, and the considerations of CIC when it makes venture investment in the new energy automobile industry. This article collects people's views on new energy vehicles through interviews and questionnaires, and uses qualitative analysis, descriptive analysis and texture analysis to explore the domestic and foreign challenges faced by the development of new energy vehicles. And this article analyzes the investment risk of new energy automobile industry from five aspects: finance, policy, technology, market and management. Finally, this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of new energy vehicles, and puts forward some suggestions for its development.  

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    Article ID: 2238

    Research on the Risk Control Measures of the Stock Pledge Repurchase Business of Securities Companies——Taking XX Securities Company as an Example

    by Zhini Ma

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 80-83; , 2021; 56 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    With the development of my country's economy, the market's demand for funds has expanded. As an efficient, flexible and convenient financing channel, the equity pledge repurchase business has been welcomed by the public since it was internalized in 2013. But at the same time of convenience, it also brings risks to the market. This paper studies the situation of the stock pledge repurchase business in my country combined with the specific risk management methods of XX Securities Company to find problems, and provides the following solutions: optimizing the basic process of stock pledge repurchase business; optimizing the due diligence process; dynamic risk indicator monitoring system; selection The integrating party began to reduce the risk of default; cultivate risk management talents. In this way, the stable development of the capital market is guaranteed.

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    Article ID: 2239

    Research on the Financial Risks and Countermeasures in the Acquisition of Enterprise Stock Rights

    by Sijia Ding

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 84-87; , 2021; 138 Views, 5 PDF Downloads

    In the current market competition is increasingly fierce, most listed enterprises are facing the needs of transformation and upgrading business transformation and expansion of production due to the weak growth of main industries. Therefore, equity acquisition is an effective way to help enterprises complete technological innovation and talent introduction and promote the vigorous development of enterprises. The development mode of the survival of fittest in equity acquisition promotes the distribution of market resources, and optimizes the market competition environment. Of course, the equity acquisition also accompanied with the corresponding risks. Because of the improper evaluation of the acquisition risk, the cases of acquisition failure are common. Therefore, this paper makes a deep analysis of the financial risks in the enterprise acquisition, and puts forward the solutions, in order to provide help for the real enterprise equity acquisition.

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    Article ID: 1831

    On the influence of blockchain technology on Accounting

    by Mengjie Shi

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 88-92; , 2021; 47 Views, 7 PDF Downloads

    As one of the most remarkable computer technologies in the world, blockchain solves many problems such as low efficiency caused by data concentration and trust risk in the past. It brings new working ideas for the accounting industry. Auditors can apply blockchain technology to avoid the drag of the third party, and also have the characteristics of faster, more automatic, more efficient and safer. This paper analyzes a case study of Deloitte rubix blockchain technology platform to discuss how blockchain is applied in various fields and clarify the advantages of blockchain technology. It hopes that this study can provide effective help for the future development of accounting.

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    Article ID: 1833

    Research on the Performance of Poverty Alleviation Microfinance in Dazhu County

    by Delang Song

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 93-96; , 2021; 40 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    The purpose of this paper is to use the quantitative analysis method to evaluate the implementation effect of the poverty alleviation microfinance policy in Dazhu County. Based on the existing literature theory, combined with the implementation of the poverty alleviation microfinance policy in Dazhu County, the micro data of poverty alleviation microfinance in Dazhu County are obtained through the third-party evaluation survey, and the poverty alleviation microfinance is analyzed by using PSM model and endogenous transformation modelIn order to analyze the deficiency of micro credit in targeted poverty alleviation in Dazhu County, this paper puts forward some policy suggestions to promote poverty alleviation of poor households in Dazhu County.

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    Article ID: 1748

    Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Operation and Management of Qingcheng Post in Hohhot

    by Bojie Zhang, Suozhu Xi

    Financial Forum, Vol.10, No.1, pp. 10(1), 97-101; , 2021; 50 Views, 3 PDF Downloads

    The public health environment is the scale of urban civilization and the footnotes of national development. China's "toilet revolution" is still vigorously moving forward, and the object of revolution has expanded from private housing to public domain. This paper selects Qingcheng Post in Hohhot as the research object, from the perspective of public management, using the new public service theory and other discipline theory, using the method of investigation and literature research, investigates and analyzes the current situation of operation and management of Qingcheng Post, and then puts forward feasible suggestions and innovative development ideas.