Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Payment Collection of Private Enterprises

Ying Kong


Payment collection is not only a form of capital flow, but also a business model in sales. Some enterprises are selling goods but not immediately settle accounts; they allow customer write IOUs and later pay regularly. Does the customer actually pay on a regular? As it turns out, only a small percentage of customers can make regular payments. It is a difficult problem that many private enterprises do not want to face but have to face. The problem of payment collection directly affects the capital flow and turnover of enterprises, and even leads to the paralysis of enterprises. It is of great significance to analyze the factors affecting the payment collection of private enterprises. This paper first analyzes the current situation of the payment collection and the factors affecting the payment collection, and finally gives the countermeasures[1].


Enterprise; Payment Collection; Problem

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ff.v9i2.865


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