The positioning and inclusiveness of financial cooperation in BRICS countries - Perspective on International Financial public products

Hongzhong Liu


The financial cooperation of BRICS countries is essentially the supply of international financial public goods . International Financial public products have their own body traits , through its supply incentives and " Containment triangle " to analyze the positioning and promotion of financial cooperation in the BRICS countries measures . Brics in the supply of international financial public products , need to pay more attention to the ownership of products and the existing system tolerance . The BRICS bank is required to extend the loan in the destination country , Actively invite other emerging economies to join and maintain post-accession benefits to promote the package compliance and contingency reserve arrangements can increase inclusiveness by absorbing more Member States ,and can regulate macroeconomic risk in emerging economies enhance cooperation , Setting up a permanent secretariat in due course , pushing BRICS countries to set up the IMF


International Public Goods International Financial public Goods International financial cooperation BRICS countries

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/ff.v0i0.493


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