On financial agglomeration and International financial Center: Theo-retical research on construction -- perspective based on dynamic sto-chastic general equilibrium system and message impact

yu Wang


based on the characteristics of China's financial market and the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center National Strategy , Building a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model for financial agglomeration . through Calibration and Bayesian estimates for model structure parameters , Policy experimental analysis found :a) Lower gold Rong employee Income tax , Investor's financial assets income tax and financial sales tax Benefit Financial gathering ,Permanent tax change policy is strongest ; a ) Implementation encourage financial innovation main strategy , effectively promote financial agglomeration ; a )Financial Center construction " message Impact Shadows Ring expected , Whether the international financial centre can be built as scheduled will significantly affect the scale and speed of financial agglomeration.


financial gathering , International Financial Center , dynamic random general balance

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/ff.v0i0.491


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