The Impact of the International Financial Crisis on the export-oriented

Tao Sun


through Assessment - the impact of the International financial crisis on the Development a export-oriented Economy , It is found then in context to the financialcrisis , countries' Export growth slowed , import and export Enterprises synchronized downturn of economic growth , export- oriented economic Development situation hasbecome very Bad. . The reason for This situation is so the International Financial crisis has * led to weaker Demand in Foreign markets, Trade protectionism ridden , bad Foreign trade Environment . For this phenomenon, on Process of Economic globalization, Governments and Enterprises have to Enhance Awareness of the Financial crisis, actively expand Domestic demand in This Government level , No over-reliance on foreign Economy; Companies continue to Develop new Markets, improve Product quality , Adjust International Settlement, reducing the financial crisis on their own blow .


financial crisis; export-oriented economic; Development strategy

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/ff.v0i0.489


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