SIFIs the function and revelation of international rules for crisis dis-posal

  • jinliang Guo
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Keywords: Systemically important financial institutions crisis disposal International rules international financial governance Fig-ure category number


SIFIs Crisis Disposal International rules are an important part of the international rules of financial Regulation , But these international rules are in the legal The nature remains controversial . from the principles of international law and existing research can be summed up the , These rules should belong to international practice . See the applicable effects and rule requirements in practice for These international rules , SIFIs Crisis Disposal International rules are bound to strengthen governance norms in international financial governance Force and Balance " power diversity Important features of the conflict of interest in the pattern . so , the study of such rules should focus on the rules content of the Hardening of concrete design and rules actual constraint effects ,Actively promote China's role in rule design and international financial governance .


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