The trend of international financial supervision system reform before and after the financial crisis、Experience and Revelation

weiliang Xia


Financial supervision system as the basis of standardizing financial marketZhongchuSexDegree,In the aftermath of the international financial crisis, the Organization frameFrameByStep To the unified supervision ofDu、Prudential supervision and behavioral supervisionTubePhaseFrom、Strengthen consumer protectionNursing、Strengthen the CentralBank postsRightSpecialSyndrome,Our country isThere are separation supervision system and current gold merge create new、Mixed operation of financial industry is not suitableShould,At the same time divide the industryThe policy objectives of regulation exist betweenRushed Process. China shouldBorrowInternational experience keeps updating regulatoryRead,Perfect supervisionBodySystem,Strengthening the protection of financial consumers ' rights and interests,That's rightProcessing of goldthe level between regulatory and financial innovation balance.


Financial supervisionTube;Behavioral SupervisorTube;Function SupervisorTube;Financial creationNew

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