Comparison of stock market fluctuation spillover effects under the new and old international financial order Seedlings Clear

Shi Ying Fang


Articles use the GARCH model and Granger Causality Check , Comparative analysis of the new and old international financial order under the United States , UK , Japan , The volatility spillover effect and conduction path of index returns in Hong Kong and mainland China . research shows : in the old international financial order , UK stock markets have varying degrees of volatility in other markets , us is the end of the stock market volatility risk transmission ; in the new international financial order , Domestic The stock market exits from the volatility overflow conduction path , At the same time, the fluctuation contagion effect of other conduction paths decreases in varying degrees ..


New and Old international financial order ; Stock Market ; Ripple Overflow effect ; GARCH cluster model;

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ff.v6i1.467


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