A tentative exploration of the Practice, System and theoretical Base of "the International Finance"

xiao-yin Liang


socialist nature can is found from this systems like "General agreement on Trade in WTO Service" </b20 >,"Basel Accord" and "agreement of the International monetary Fund." After the natural feature of international, is analyzed on the basis of Marxism collectivism. Human ' s requirement for public interests are the base of financial supervision and the society is a indispensible of market and government. And this fact indicates that the international finance the are supposed to be a systematic the involving of Market and government as the agreement between public and private. This also reveals that socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics are possessed to the base and evidence all Owed for the international finance system, offering a new perspective of looking at international economic Cialism theory, which can lay theoretical foundation for the internalization of Chinese socialist, market. And this can show that developing the textbook "The International economic" is necessary, scientific and FEASIBLE.


socialism; International finance; The system

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ff.v6i1.466


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