The Choice and Innovative Development of Enterprise Financing Methods in the Big Data Environment

Mengyin Sun


With the trend of innovation and entrepreneurship and the support of national policies, small and medium-sized enterprises have sprung up in recent years, and in this process, financing problems have always existed with the birth of enterprises. Capital is the blood of the enterprise, is the necessary condition for the enterprise to carry out and maintain business activities, there is not enough funds, the survival and development of the enterprise is difficult to be guaranteed, in this process, financing is an indispensable and important link of each enterprise. In the financing process, this paper is mainly based on external financing, whether it is for the demand side of funds or the supply side, it is necessary to grasp a certain amount of data and information to make decisions, in the big data environment, this is undoubtedly both an opportunity and a challenge, big data analysis to obtain a full range of multi-level data to more systematically analyze the cost-effectiveness of enterprises, company value, etc. At the same time, how to rationally use big data and how to reasonably choose financing methods to help enterprises successfully raise funds is a problem that every enterprise needs to pay attention to. Based on this, this paper gives relevant analysis and suggestions on the choice of financing methods in the modern enterprise big data environment in view of the problems faced by the development of the enterprise financing model.


Financing Big Data; Internet Finance; Supply Chain Finance; Exogenous Financing

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ff.v11i2.3169


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