Research on the Effect of Operation of Guangdong Tax WeChat Official Accounts on the Improvement of Taxpayers' Satisfaction

Xi Jiao, Zhifeng Li, Yu Lei


Tax wechat, to some extent, can narrow the distance between taxpayers and the authorities and strengthen the credibility of the authorities.Due to the uneven quality of government wechat of tax departments at all levels, there are still many problems in the current development of domestic government wechat.These issues affect taxpayer satisfaction.This paper takes guangdong tax WeChat Official Accounts as the research object,, and the status quo of Guangdong tax operations is analyzed in depth.Through questionnaire survey, the satisfaction of taxpayers of Guangdong Tax  WeChat Official Accounts was obtained.. SPSS and other analysis tools were used to carry out relevant analysis, and it was found that the wechat Official Accounts  had some deficiencies in operation, such as unclear positioning, imperfect standards and inadequate interaction.Finally, based on the theoretical knowledge of service marketing and the results of guangdong tax case analysis, some suggestions are put forward on the operation of tax authorities' wechat official accounts, hoping to enrich the theory of tax service and improve the overall satisfaction of taxpayers by improving the operation of tax authorities' wechat official accounts.


Guangdong Tax; Service Gap; Taxpayer Satisfaction

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ff.v11i1.2765


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