The Internal Relationship and Strategic Docking Between China's Free Trade Zone Services and the "Belt and Road Initiative"

LingYan Meng


In the context of the continuous deepening of the global economy and the adjustment and reconstruction of international economic and trade rules, China has proposed the development model of the "Belt and Road". The current development of China's "Belt and Road" and free trade zone services are all for better economic development. The strategies proposed are all new explorations of China's economic development in the new period of reform and opening up. China’s free trade zone serves as the economic foundation of the “Belt and Road”, and the “Belt and Road” construction is an extension of the economic development of the free trade zone. The scope of the “Belt and Road” is to strengthen economic cooperation and enhance the economic closeness with other regions, to a certain extent, the promotion of the "Belt and Road" can improve China's status and influence in the international status. Both the "Belt and Road" initiative and the establishment of China's free trade zone hope to realize the freedom of economic and trade activities and promote economic development in a good environment. The two strategies of the free trade zone and the “Belt and Road” strategy have continued to integrate, innovate and develop in terms of cultural exchanges, economic cooperation, and institutional learning. In order to make China's free trade zone and the "Belt and Road" have a deeper development, China still needs to go all out to optimize the construction of related systems in the future. Constantly optimizing the love makes it possible to achieve better results in both the free trade zone and the "Belt and Road", because the two promote the sound development of China's economy in order to provide the country's long-term development strategy with an economic financial foundation.


China Free Trade Zone; Strategic Docking; "Belt and Road"; Internal Relations

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ff.v10i3.2351


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