Research on the Risk Control Measures of the Stock Pledge Repurchase Business of Securities Companies——Taking XX Securities Company as an Example

Zhini Ma


With the development of my country's economy, the market's demand for funds has expanded. As an efficient, flexible and convenient financing channel, the equity pledge repurchase business has been welcomed by the public since it was internalized in 2013. But at the same time of convenience, it also brings risks to the market. This paper studies the situation of the stock pledge repurchase business in my country combined with the specific risk management methods of XX Securities Company to find problems, and provides the following solutions: optimizing the basic process of stock pledge repurchase business; optimizing the due diligence process; dynamic risk indicator monitoring system; selection The integrating party began to reduce the risk of default; cultivate risk management talents. In this way, the stable development of the capital market is guaranteed.


Securities companies;stock pledge repurchase business;risk management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ff.v10i1.2238


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