Research on the Performance of Poverty Alleviation Microfinance in Dazhu County

Delang Song


The purpose of this paper is to use the quantitative analysis method to evaluate the implementation effect of the poverty alleviation microfinance policy in Dazhu County. Based on the existing literature theory, combined with the implementation of the poverty alleviation microfinance policy in Dazhu County, the micro data of poverty alleviation microfinance in Dazhu County are obtained through the third-party evaluation survey, and the poverty alleviation microfinance is analyzed by using PSM model and endogenous transformation modelIn order to analyze the deficiency of micro credit in targeted poverty alleviation in Dazhu County, this paper puts forward some policy suggestions to promote poverty alleviation of poor households in Dazhu County.


Dazhu County; Poverty alleviation, Microfinance, Performance evaluation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ff.v10i1.1833


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