Research on the Factors Influencing the Performance of Chinese Listed Commercial Banks Based on Factor Analysis

Lishuan Yan, Jiuyi Yang


Commercial banks, as a special kind of profit-making enterprise, are the main financial institutions in the development of modern economy. The operation and development of the financial market are closely related to the performance of banks. Based on the financial data of 29 listed commercial banks, this research constructs an evaluation index system for the financial performance of listed commercial banks in my country from the three aspects of profitability, safety and growth, and then uses factor analysis to conduct empirical analysis. Improve risk management capabilities, improve credit mechanisms; strengthen innovation-driven solutions to solve the lack of motivation, explore new financial fields and other related suggestions to improve the financial performance of listed commercial banks in my country.


Listed Banks; Factor Analysis; Performance Evaluation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/ff.v10i1.1629


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